Serving the Little Ones

“The highest goal of education is for man to become an image and likeness of God on earth”. – Bl. Edmund

Faithful to the goals of the congregation, sisters primarily devote their time and effort to care for the pre-school and school children whom they refer to as

“The precious treasure of Jesus Christ”

“Sisters shall look after children with love, for they are the most precious treasure of Jesus Christ and they themselves on becoming like children before God, they ought to serve the Lord Jesus who not only became a Child Himself but also wanted to be glorified through children. (…) Let them do their best to form their young hearts and minds in the true knowledge of Jesus Christ and love of God”.

“As early rising is to prompt sowing, so is early education. The renaissance of humanity must start here (…) It should start above all, in family life, in domestic life, in the field of early education”. – Bl. Edmund

“The task of early childhood education does not imply school education but the education of life. The knowledge of science is not sufficient here. Children ought to be taught how to live by the example of life and not byword”. Bl. Edmund

Sisters are committed to providing a stimulating learning experience for young children in a sound, invigorating environment. Emphasis is placed on forming Christian character and values to help young children explore their relationship with God and to share their experiences in an atmosphere of joy, peace, and goodness.

Our Early Childhood Education Centers located in the USA:


Blessed Edmund Early Childhood Education Center

1000 Cropwell Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Tel: 856-424-3063
Fax: 856-424-6034

St. John Paul II Early Childhood Education Center

957 E Broad Street Columbus, OH 43205

Tel: (614) 372-5656