Heritage of Holiness

“Do not be afraid to be holy!

Have the courage and humility to present yourselves to the

world determined to be holy, since full, true freedom is born from holiness.” – John Paul II

Blessed Sister Katarzyna Celestyna Faron (1913 – 1942)

The Bride of Jesus – the Immaculate Lamb

  • She wanted to go through life along the path of love and renunciation to become the holocaust of the Immaculate Lamb.
  • She devoted her life to teaching preschool and asked for the grace of conversion for an apostate priest.
  • She humbly and quietly accepted the ordeal of being jailed by the Nazis and surrendered herself to God in the concentration camp in Auschwitz – Birkenau.
  • For modern man, Sr, Katarzyna’s life is proof that God’s Love can be lived anytime, anywhere, no matter who we are and where we live. It testifies that even in a world that mocks and rejects evangelical values, faith and hope can be maintained.
  • She was beatified by Pope John Paul II on June 13, 1999, in the group of 108 martyrs of World War II.
Prayer to Blessed Sister Celestyna Faron

Servant of God Sister Leonia Nastal (1903 – 1940)

Her MOTTO – “ I believed in God’s Eternal Love”

  • Through the gift of contemplation amidst everyday simple activities, she experienced the truth that God is a loving Father.
  • Instructed by Jesus, she met and loved the Infant Jesus, following the path of spiritual infancy to God.
  • Through her, Jesus gives the shortest path to heaven available to all people, called “the path of spiritual infancy”, which consists in recognizing one’s smallness and having an unlimited trust in God.

Prayer to Servant of God Sister Leonia Maria Nastal

Decree on the heroism of the virtues of Servant of God Sister Leonia Nastal

Servant of God Sister Roberta Babiak (1905 – 1945)

  • Received the mission of reminding that the renewal of the world can only be accomplished by faithfulness in fulfilling the commandment to love God and neighbor.
  • Raised in a religious family, combining the traditions of the Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic rites, from an early age she felt a call to devote herself totally to God.
  • Fulfilled her calling in the Congregation of the Little Servant Sisters of the Immaculate Mary for 14 years with heroic patience, while she bore a progressive physical ailment.
  • Was blessed by God with the mystical experience of his presence and the mysteries of faith.

Chaplet of Love

Servant of God Sister Romualda Grzanka (1901 – 1941)

  • Martyr of the Second World War
  • The death of Sister Romualda was interpreted as the death of a martyr who had already given her life to God through her service, and then consistently, in all circumstances, repeated her sacrifice, asking favors for others.

Servant of God Sister Joanna Hiacynta Lula (1915 – 1943)

  • Martyr of the Second World War
  • Sister Hiacynta‘s orientation towards supernatural values is ​​summarized by the wording of her request to join the Congregation: “The soul longs for something higher and more perfect than what the world can give me. I know that true happiness can only be achieved in close union with Jesus and Mary, His Mother. “
  • In 1943, Hiacynta Lula was taken to Auschwitz-Birkenau, where as a prisoner she was designated number 47624. Her life ended at the age of 28, shot by the Nazis.

Sister Longina Trudzinska (1911 – 1944)

  • A teacher at an orphanage in Turkowice, who had a great love for pupils of all nationalities.
  • Risked her life to get food for them during the war,
  • Worshiped the Blessed Sacrament and rescued the church in Malice that was set on fire by Ukrainian nationalists.
  • Was arrested and murdered along with seven boys in the Sahryn forests near Hrubieszów,
  • Her martyrdom is the fruit of faithful love for her neighbor.