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“ Do not forget that when the Lord calls, He also provides the necessary strength and grace to answer His call”. – John Paul II

If you are interested in finding more information about Religious Life and our Congregation,
please fill out the Vocational Inquiry and one of our sisters will contact you soon.

You can also write to:

The Little Servant Sisters of the Immaculate Conception

1000 Cropwell Road

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003


“Even if God took thousands of steps to call you, but you didn’t take that initial step to answer, He can do nothing…

Perhaps this thought could be given as a rule. You, yourself must take the step in response to God’s steps directed to your heart…”


“My God, thank you for the chance to be edified at the sight of rare self-sacrifice that is honest, quiet and without self-interest. The girl lived happily in the bosom of her family, having wealth and the world opened up before her (…) and yet she renounces everything, she will work hard throughout her life and will serve the most needy of the poor, out of love for God and for her neighbor. God, bless her. May your grace be with her always”. – Bl. Edmund


Consider only what voice you heard in your heart, the one that called you to serve the Most Holy Virgin. There must have been great power and holiness in this voice, since you ran after it immediately without any delay, and abandoned the world without any regret”. – Bl. Edmund