About Sister Urszula

The Singer & Author of the Lyrics

The Story

“Sister Urszula is the author of the music, as well as the lyrics to the songs recorded on the polish album “Panie, Ty wiesz…”. Being a preschool teacher by education, sister Urszula is dedicated to her work with children. Although she has never received proper musical training, she is very talented and does not shy away from sharing her gift with the children by playing and singing with them. Through her work, sister Urszula hopes to instill in the children the love of music which provides a wonderful opportunity to build a close relation with God.

However, it was sister Urszula’s private prayers, contemplation, and the times spent in solitude which led her to create the lyrics appearing on the CD. The lyrics are so unique, yet so simple that they infinitely tap into the depths of the human soul. They teach us how to find ourselves in God’s creation. The key to understanding sister Urszula’s work is the single word SIMPLICITY, as it is precisely the simplicity of the lyrics that makes them so universal.

After all, each song tells a separate story, but none of them are reduced to a single, rigid interpretation. Thanks to this, every single listener can relate to the songs on a personal level, and reflect on their own existence through these recorded prayers. We refer to the songs as such because that is essentially what sister Urszula’s words are – they are musical prayers.

Sister Urszula’s texts are an embodiment of God’s love for men and men’s love for God and a loving Father. Being a servant sister, Urszula also writes to the one she is of service to – Immaculate Virgin Mary.

Sister Urszula’s songs have moved so many hearts, that her close friends wished to share the gift of her music with the world! God gave his blessing, smiled at the idea, and granted sister Urszula a green light, saying that it would be worth it…

About Project 

Over two years ago the project began…

A great contribution to the project was made by the young musicians – mainly Anna and Bartek, but also Sławomir, Kamil i Łukasz.

The musicians were greatly involved in the project and gratuitously supported the recording process. Anna enriched the pieces with her vocals and the violin, and Bartek took care of all the rest – starting from providing the necessary equipment, organizing rehearsal meetings, as well as the most crucial part of the whole enterprise, which is the execution of the sound production. Bartek’s work focused predominantly on song arrangement, that is enriching each piece with a unique spirit, and ultimately implementing the instruments and vocals into the recording.

The goal was to perform the entire production process at the lowest cost possible. This is why the recordings took place in home conditions. Bartek provided the necessary equipment, and professional audio recording software to capture and process the audio. Thanks to this we can now enjoy a high-quality recording of the instruments and the vocals.

The story behind the recording of the CD is complex, and it is difficult to outline all the crucial moments which led to its creation. As in life, there have been ups and downs, the production was delayed due to the pandemic which made it impossible for the team to meet and continue working on the project. But ultimately, thanks to Divine Providence, the goal has been achieved, and now we are happy to promote sister Urszula’s CD and at the same time, praise our Lord!

Moreover, it bears mentioning, that the revenue from the sales will be primarily intended for building a stage and then a playground for The Little Servant Sisters preschool (where Sister Urszula serves). The remaining money will be used to support the sisters’ ministry both in Poland and the USA.


Sławomir Podsada

Electric & classic guitar 

Anna Więcek

Vocal, violin 

Bartłomiej Więcek

Sound Producer & mastering

Vocal, keyboard, akordeon. 


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Panie, Ty wiesz… (Lord, you know…)

The revenue from the sales has been primarily intended for building a stage that now requires some finishing work and then paying off the remaining debt. Some of the money will also be devoted to building a playground for the preschool where sister Urszula works as an educator, and the remaining money will be used to support the sisters’ ministry both in Poland and the USA.



“I will bless the Lord in everyone” Ps 34
God the Father, Abba – Daddy! Be glorified in the hearts of all those who will contribute to the creation of this album and I am asking you, that you will have Your love and you will not be present to those who will be its co-creators …

Sr. Urszula Tomaśko.

s. Urszula Tomaśko

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