Our Community

Every religious congregation is my beloved garden and the individual sisters are the flowers among which I rest happily”. – Jesus to Sr. Leonia

“What I have been recommending all along, I repeat today: first of all, I recommend simplicity; as long as it is fostered in the congregation, the blessing of God will abide in it. In reference to looking after children, the sisters ought to observe the most minor details which are prescribed because you would not believe how gravely important each of them is –even the least important rule. Had I all the sisters assembled here, I would keep on repeating: My sisters, love one another and love one another. You may repeat this to all and the rest of the Holy Spirit will teach you”.  – Testament of Bl. Edmund 

Love is the theological basis for religious community life.

Love imparts joy to life, inspires generosity in service, and secures strength and

It is love that brought its members together, uniting them with one another and with Jesus Christ.

Love imparts joy to life, inspires generosity in service, and secures strength for perseverance.

Where there is one heart and one mind, Christ is assuredly present. Such is also our Father Founder’s teaching: “Insofar as you have a love for one another, Christ will dwell among you” (Rules 34)

Sisters strive to make our community an authentic family gathered in the Name of the Lord, open to the needs of each member and the welfare of all.

Our religious family exists not merely because its members enjoy being together but because Jesus Christ has gathered and kept us in this unity through our common consecration and mission.

United in the Lord’s presence and nourished by His Word and Bread of Life at
the Eucharistic Table, sisters give praise to God in harmony with one another. Thus sisters derive from each other and inspire one another to enrich their own personalities, bearing in mind that peace and joy in each community are fruits of the death of the self and of having received the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Mutual sisterly love constitutes the uniting bond of each religious community. By practicing such love we fulfill the commandment of Jesus Christ and the testament of our Father Founder:

Taking into consideration the weaknesses of human nature, sisters strive for mutual forbearance so that they are not divided nor upset at noticing other sisters’ faults and shortcomings, for nobody is free from them.

Sisters bear in mind our Father Founder’s words:

  • sisters shall anticipate one another in rendering service,
  • let them carry one another’s burdens,
  • let them think and talk kindly of one another,
  • let them never use harsh words to one another,
  • let them humbly give away to another,
  • let them admonish one another with love, and on her part let each sister accept correction with gratitude so that they all become more pleasing to God and give edification to others.

“ May the blessing of God be with you, and may his grace help you in the fulfillment of the duties and the multiplication of all Christian virtues, so that you can become truly worthy of the name of Little Servant Sisters of the Immaculate Conception that you have taken on yourself”.  – Bl. Edmund