Edmund Bojanowski

“I am nothing but God directs everything. I only fulfill what God demands of me. I attest to the fact that everything. I do is for the glory of God”.

– Bl. Edmund 


The life of

Blessed Edmund Bojanowski

Edmund Bojanowski was born the son of devout and patriotic landed gentry on November 14, 1814, in Poland.  Although he was cured as a child, he continued to suffer from frail health throughout his lifetime.  He was multi-talented, a learned writer whose studies were interrupted by tuberculosis.  He happened to live during turbulent times.  The country was partitioned between Russia, Prussia, and Austria, where each country was trying to eradicate the Polish culture from the people. The political uprisings and the cholera epidemic left children orphaned, many sick and neglected.


Reading the signs of the times, Blessed Edmund sought solutions, hence he:

  • worked to provide food for the hungry,
  • opened libraries and supplied books to combat illiteracy,
  • started a hospital to care for the sick,
  • opened a home to care for orphans,
  • established nursery schools for neglected children.


To ensure future care for the children, the sick and the needy, he founded a congregation of sisters entrusted to the patronage of the Immaculate Conception. The constitution of this new congregation contained the very rule for the time that the sisters were to work to support themselves financially.

Since he dedicated his life to the service of abandoned children, the sick and the needy, his friends called him the second St. Vincent de Paul.


On August 7, 1871, he passed away. Being a devout and prayerful person, he achieved sanctity during his lifetime and was beatified in Warsaw, Poland, on June 13, 1999.


The saintly lives of Blessed Sister Celestyna Faron and Servant of God Sister Leonia Nastal, both members of the Little Servants order, are a meaningful testimony to the spiritual vitality of the congregation.

Excerpt from the Homily of Pope John Paul II – Beatification, June 13, 1999, Warsaw, Poland

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Address of the Holy Father John Paul II to the Sisters Servants of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Audience, 10 June 2000, Rome

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The life of Blessed Edmund Bojanowski could be described by the words in the song “Each good soul is like a candle that burns upbringing light to others” …

Prayers to Blessed Edmund