Pope John Paul II

Excerpt from the Homily of Pope John Paul II – Beatification, June 13, 1999, Warsaw, Poland

“The apostolate of mercy also filled the life of Blessed Edmund Bojanowski. Despite delicate health, this landowner from Great Poland, endowed with many talents and a particular depth of spiritual life by God, undertook and inspired a vast activity on behalf of the rural population, with perseverance, prudence and generosity of heart. Guided by a discernment that was very sensitive to people’s needs, he launched numerous educational, charitable, cultural and religious works aimed at the material and moral support of the rural family. He remained in the lay state and founded the Congregation of the Servants of the Blessed Virgin Mary Immaculate, which is well-known in Poland. He was inspired in every initiative by the desire that everyone should have a share in the Redemption. He is remembered as a good man with a big heart, who for love of God and neighbor was able to bring different sectors together, effectively rallying them around a common good. In his many-faceted activity, he anticipated much of what the Second Vatican Council said about the apostolate of the laity. He was an exceptional example of generous and industrious work for man, the homeland and the Church. The work of Blessed Edmund Bojanowski is continued by the Servants, whom I warmly greet and thank for their silent service, filled with the spirit of sacrifice on behalf of their neighbor and the Church (…)”.