Prayers & Litany & Novena

“When you are praying together I stand in the midst of you, as does a father in the midst of his children. I look at you with love. I make a note in my heart of every movement of yours, every effort, and every act of love. Can you comprehend the greatness of my love – my care for you? I am to serve you at every moment”.

– Jesus to Sr. Leonia

Prayer is a duty of every man, a need of all the faithful.

Sisters pray for the Church, for the whole human family, especially the poor and the suffering,
for sinners and the dying so that all may obtain God’s mercy.

The Holy Eucharistic Sacrifice is the center of sisters’ spiritual life.


  • pray the Liturgy of the Hours,
  • devote half an hour to meditation daily,
  • perform a spiritual reading,
  • value personal prayer by spending free time for the intimate encounter with God in the quiet of their hearts,
  • venerate the Immaculate Virgin Mary through various devotions, by some form of devotion, especially through devout recitation of the Rosary, the sisters perform a daily examination of their conscience,
  • make an annual retreat and practice the monthly day of recollection.


Prayer to Blessed Sister Celestyna Faron

“It is God’s Mercy in everything that we encounter on this earth. It is God’s mercy in all gains and losses. It is God’s mercy when He grants us temporary goods, and it is God’s mercy when He refuses them to us. It is God’s mercy when He makes us shed tears or when He dries them. It is always the same benevolent Father whose eyes rests upon us, whose wisdom guards us, whose loves leads us. We never have a reason for complaining or feeling reproachful toward God but should always bless and thank Him”.

– Bl. Edmund

“I went to offer God my aching heart as a sacrifice. I prayed ardently but not with words or thoughts but with intensified feeling of the entire heart and soul. I asked the Most Merciful God to grant me the grace of perseverance and total compliance to His holy will.

– Bl. Edmund