Serving the Sick and the Elderly

“Serve the sick with such love, as you would serve Jesus Christ Himself; try to save not only their bodies, but also their souls, edifying them by Christian love and sacrifice out of love for Jesus so that in such a way they would become worthy to have Jesus as the Healer of their own soul and body. Therefore, when the sisters witness the suffering of the ill, may they ponder upon the illness of their own souls and the manner in which they console the sick, so will Jesus console them”. – Bl. Edmund

Sisters care for the sick and the elderly professionally as nurses or nurses’ assistants in private homes, and senior homes. In nursing the sick, the sisters are also concerned with their spiritual welfare and encourage them to pray, to receive the Sacraments and to conform to God’s will and unite their sufferings with Christ’s sacrifice.

The sisters strive to be obedient to the Founder’s recommendation:

“Serve the sick with such a love, as you would serve Jesus Christ himself: try to save not only the bodies, but also their souls,”

The sisters treat the sick and the elderly with compassion, gentleness, love, and respect to alleviate their suffering.

“Respect for the elderly always gives me particular satisfaction”. – Bl. Edmund